Who we are


As its name implies, the agency has dedicated itself to designing child care services that address unique care giving needs. Early Childhood Options foundation stems from an involvement in the development of Cleveland’s first employer-sponsored child day care center, Covenant Early Childhood Programs in 1972 along with Case Western Reserve University Department of Education and The Church of the Covenant. Later, Early Childhood Options created the first home based family child care system in Cleveland in 1981. By 1988, ECO formally separated from The Church of the Covenant and became incorporated as a new not-for-profit organization. 



Since Early Childhood Options’ inception, ECO has developed various programs to meet the unique needs surrounding child care. Since the 1980's, the agency has developed and continuously provides a unique “Child Development Model” for temporary child care services for agencies throughout Ohio, and continues to provide a reimbursement program for family child care providers for meals provided to children in non-residential care. Furthermore, ECO has become an integral part of Invest in Children which provides training and quality support to family child care providers through the Care for Kids Program, and provides community training through our Early Childhood Training Association.



Early Childhood Options is committed to meeting the childcare needs of all children regardless of race, background, ability, and income.

In an effort to invest in our children as educators, we must continuously invest in ourselves.
— Gloria Blevins, Chief Executive Officer