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As an early childhood educator, you have the ability to select trainings from various sources. Beginning the week of August 21st all attendees will receive an incentive for attendingtraining here at ECO and will be entered into a monthly drawing for $100.00 gas card!!!! Come lead, learn , and earn!!!!Call and register for a training today!!!  Come and enjoy and participate in new trainings!  Don’t forget your tax and business management trainings in November/December!

All copies require a fee

Please note due to the numerous requests for copies of various documentation that has been previously distributed, ECO now has implemented a copy fee of $1.00/copy.  If you need a copy of any documents previously received the fee is $1.00/page.

Also note to replace a CPR/FA card the fee is $20.00.

Rules! Changes! Non-compliances! Care for kids is here to assist!

Care for kids is here to assist!

There have been many rule changes which can result in non-compliances.  Have a Care for Kids TA assist you in ensuring that you are implementing the rules correctly, organize the multitudes of paperwork, and assist in implementing quality care

That will lead to a Star rated quality child care center!  The time is now.  Take advantage of assistance as it is available.  Care for kids is the advocate for you! 

Contact Teri@ 216-464-5300 x300 to connect       with a CFK TA today.

I will take advantage of change, making the most of the opportunities it presents.

2017 Kids Count Data Report Released

The 2017 KIDS COUNT Data Book urges policymakers not to back away from targeted investments that help U.S. children become healthier, more likely to complete high school and better positioned to contribute to the nation’s economy as adults. “ Although there has been improvement and gains in children’s economic well-being and health domains there have been noticeable declines in education and family and community domains.  Racial disparities are still significant and rising among African Americans, Latinos, and American Indian children specifically in education and poverty. “As the result of generational inequalities and systematic barriers, on many indicators, children of color continued to face steep barriers to success.”  The report   shows data on state trends in child well–being of each state.  Take the time view the report at


Cleveland BCDI is here and we want to partner with you!!!

We at Cleveland BCDI proudly serve Cuyahoga, Geauga, Summit, Lorain, Lake, and Ashtabula Counties.  We have pinpointed to focus areasfor Northeast Ohio in an effort to fulfill the mission of NBCDI which is to improve and advance the quality of life for Black families and children through education and advocacy and they are:  focus on eliminating preschool suspensions and decrease obesity among Black families and children. 

To eliminate obesity, Cleveland BCDIwould like to partner with early childhood educational settingsto implement the Good for Me curriculum which is to improve health and educational outcomes for young children of color through nutrition, movement, and play!  The Curriculum is a 14 week curriculum and is provided at no cost!  A train the trainer will be provided for preschool staff to show how to successfully implement.

Secondly, Cleveland BCDI would like to partner with you to eliminate preschool suspensions.   Through partnering with us, we will providefree staff training, free parent engagement resources,  assistance with development of discipline policies, and sessions to educate parents and teachers with effective discipline strategies. 

We look forward to partnering with you.  It takes a village! Stay tuned!

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